Rebecca Siddall interviews Kai Gill

Disability and Lifestyle is a huge part of our magazine but what happens when your disability is analysed in detail? Rebecca Siddall interviewed our very own Kai Gill on Disability Living allowance morphing into Personal Independence payment, he stressed his concerns on the people conducting the assessments and his reluctance to go for his own assessment.

Image Courtesy of Creative Commons

Image Courtesy of Creative Commons

R- As the editor of a disabled magazine, what are your views on the new disability living allowance health assessment?

K- I totally disagree with the way they are conducting the new health assessments, I think yes there are some people who mimic disability, saying they’ve got it when they actually haven’t. But then there are obviously many severe cases where people do need the help and they perhaps aren’t getting the right funding and support that is needed.

The way they are conducting these assessments isn’t quite right, the people conducting these health assessments aren’t fully medically trained, it needs to be a GP or your regular health assessor, I have friends who have had their money taken from them because they have invisible disabilities and this isn’t fair.

R- So it’s safe to say you don’t agree with how the assessments are being carried out, will you be having one yourself?

K- I’m expected to have one soon, and I’m armed with the same response as usual… I can’t do that because I have this condition that is never going to get better.

Cases we have seen in the magazine recently are, people have gone for their assessments on a good day where their condition hasn’t necessarily affected them but the following day they’re having a bad day and they’re only being assessed on what was good, leaving people with not only their money being taken but their cars were taken from the mobility scheme.

R- A woman in Sheffield was asked why she hadn’t killed herself yet when she went for her assessment, what are your views on this?

K- I find this disgusting really, mental health is such a delicate issue, not necessarily an issue but a delicate condition to manage. But to ask that sort of question to someone who’s going to be in a delicate state of mind isn’t good. I dread to think what her thoughts were after the assessment. This is where I go back to my point of it needs to be your GP or someone who is fully medically trained.

It was a please to chat to our very own Editor! If you have any stories surrounding this issue don’t hesitate to contact us!

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