Middlesbrough PFC held their own in East Midlands Regional league

By Ryan Dack
A local powerchair football club has held their own in the East Midlands Regional League (EMRL),
Middlesbrough Powerchair Football Club (MPFC) entered the league in the hope of getting more experience.
Middlesbrough Powerchair Football Clubs 1st team

Middlesbrough Powerchair Football Clubs 1st team

At the time of entering the league, MPFC were a Championship team, since being promoted into the Premiership League after a second place finish in the Championships.
Carolyn Bean, MPFC Coach and Manager, from Marton, said: ‘We entered the East Midlands Regional League to get more experience, playing Premiership teams such as Sporting Club Albion has helped with this.’
The Middlesbrough Club finished the EMRL in fourth place, with 24 points, above Premiership team Villa Rockets.
‘I’m incredibly proud of all the players efforts throughout the season.
‘The teams skill and ability has really come on, this shows through the fact we gained automatic promotion in the National League.’ added Carolyn.
MPFC have already decided to enter the 2016/17 EMRL after such a successful campaign this time around.
‘Now that we are officially a Premiership team ourselves I can’t wait to get on with the 2016/17 season.’, said Carolyn, ‘I’m confident that next season we will finish in a higher position.’
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