About Us

ParaHEY is Hull’s First and Only disability sports magazine. We work in partnership with an organisation called Disability Sports Humber.

Parahey is a new digital magazine promoting disability sports clubs and talented athletes who have the ambition or have succeeded a big achievement in their chosen sport. We have recently added lifestyle to the magazine to cover all aspects of disability. We aim to report nationally with many of our issues and website articles that have been read worldwide. For a number of years, there have been many disabled athletes who have succeeded in their sport by achieving international call-ups, representing their country in the Paralympics. Also, many disabled people achieving dreams, overcoming obstacles and facing the uncertainty at times. But nobody is aware of this due to no media reporting.


This is where Parahey will promote and give the disabled athletes and people the mediacy to make people aware of their achievements. Parahey will be issued thirdly every year and published on this website.