Top five inspirational quotes

Sophie Weaver gives her top five inspirational quotes to inspire you for the future and any dreams you wish to achieve.

Quote 1: You only have one chance of life, if you want to achieve something go and do it. If you love someone tell them, just be happy and love yourself and the people around you. It may take a bit longer than expected but it will be worth it when it does come. Good things come to those who wait. Work hard, play even harder.. Work hard = better achievement


Quote 2: There is only you that living your life. If you want to do/achieve something go and do it. forgot everyone as long your happy and proud that’ss what all matters

Quote 2

Quote 3. This is so true but in the end, people grow up and have their own lifestyle, feelings ect. It is part of life. People need to accept the real you. If they don’t well it is their loss.

Quote 3


Quote 4 Living with a disability is hard some days are harder than others, however, a disability shouldn’t define us, we can still achieve goals and dreams but in different ways and activities and general life.

Quote 4

Quote 5. Everyone is different in their own special way so this means that sparkle in different areas of life and activities, or if you are having a bad day you can you look at this and remind you of the good positive times that you have had.

quote 5


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